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   At TRX we believe in training movements, not muscle. We produce best-in-class TRX worKout training equipment, TRX workout programs, and education courses to help you achieve peak performance, reach your goals, and get the results you want.

Cheap TRX Suspension Trainer Professional

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Otal-body training tool with pair of nylon straps for go-anywhere workouts Nylon straps use your body weight and gravity to create resistance Attaches to any elevated fixture, including pull-up bar, door, or tree branch Supports hundreds of exercises for strength, flexibility, and core stability Includes workout DVD, waterproof fold-out setup guide, and mesh storage bag

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Cheap TRX Suspension Trainer Professional

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In fact the TRX Suspension Trainer was even featured and used on the hit TV Show the Biggest Loser and let me tell you this thing works! So forget the gym and expensive pieces of fitness equipment buy the gym in a bag TRX suspension system and you'll instantly see how easy it is to get a great workout without paying for a gym membership. TRX Suspension Trainer Professional is the best body weight fitness tool that every one can workout . The TRX suspension is basically a gym in a bag. Tie your TRX to a tree, a Soccer Post, and if your indoors simply use a door, either way the TRX trainer works. Developed by a Navy Seal this fitness training system utilizes the flexibility and versatility of body weight exercises into a compact piece of fitness equipment that you can pack and take anywhere.

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TRX TRAINING requires the use of the TRX WORKOUT Training, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s bodyweight to enable hundreds of exercises that can be instantly scaled for any user to reach any fitness or training goal. The easily scalable nature of TRX  Training makes it a practical solution wherever you are on the fitness continuum.

Three principles enable you to instantly scale TRX  Training movements.

For most standing movements, positioning your feet closer to the anchor point will increase resistance and heighten the challenge. Stepping farther away from the anchor point will decrease resistance and make movements easier to execute.

For ground-based movements, moving your feet away from the anchor point will increase resistance and heighten the challenge. Moving your feet towards the anchor point or behind the anchor point will decrease resistance and make movements easier to execute.

In general, performing movements with a narrower base of support or unilaterally (using just one arm or just one leg instead of both arms or both legs) will increase the challenge of TRX movements. The wider your base of support, the more stable you will be during TRX WORKOUT movements and the less challenging they will be to perform.